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Ph.D., History of Early Christianity, UCLA
M.A., New Testament Studies, Talbot School of Theology



Drake Speaking Circle

Through deep biblical insights and endurance through suffering, Drake is able to speak penetratingly to issues of today.  He adeptly draws from Scripture and his journey to encourage and challenge audiences.  Drake’s transparency, hope, and deep compassion make him a compelling, trusted communicator.

Drake is a Christian leader and teacher from Orange County, California.  He serves on the leadership at Grace Fellowship Church in Costa Mesa and as an administrator at Azusa Pacific University.


Examples of Topics

  • Praying to the Father (Luke 11:1-13)
  • Jesus’ Prayer Life and Ours (John 11:22; 15:16)
  • Unanswered Prayer (Luke 11:11-13)
  • God’s Purpose in the Deserts of Our Lives (Deuteronomy 8)
  • Worshipping God in the Deserts of Our Lives (Matthew 4:1-11/Deuteronomy 6)
  • Feasting on the Word in the Deserts of Our Lives (Matthew 4:1-11/Deuteronomy 8)
  • Singing the Psalms: Engaging Scripture at a Gut-Level (Psalms 13, 23, 51)
  • Meeting God in Our Broken Places (Psalm 13; Romans 8)
  • When God Weeps: Christ’s Response to Human Suffering (John 11)
  • Dodging Spears, Hiding in Caves: God’s Training Program for Kings (1 Samuel)
  • Living as Sons of God in the Deserts of Our Lives (Matthew 3:16-4:11)
  • Embracing Our True Identity as God’s Sons (Romans 8)
  • Testing or Trusting God in the Deserts of Our Lives (Matthew 4:1-11)
  • Leading Our Household through Crisis (Ephesians 5:25-33)
  • God’s Gospel-Centered Purpose for Our Families (Genesis 12:1-3)
  • Our Suffering, Our Calling (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)
  • The Intersection of Christ’s Power and Our Weakness (2 Corinthians 4:7-11)




“Drake offers his audiences a rare combination of humility, approachability, wisdom, and knowledge, along with a faith that has been tested.  He is a pursuer, teacher, and lover of the Father’s heart, extremely careful to honor Scripture in its original culture and meaning, painting word pictures that help us leap into the stories.”

~ Mark Merrick, Lake Forest, CA

“As a speaker, Drake beautifully navigates the tension between incredible heartbreak and amazing faith in a manner that is inspiring to listeners and glorifying to God.  I’ve never seen such a moving example of a believer turning to bless the name of the Lord in the face of an unimaginable circumstance.  The Levasheff’s experience is heart-wrenching and powerful, bringing out important and poignant questions about God.”

~ Tamara Rather, Newport Beach, CA